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Ace Advice From 10+ Moms of Awesome Teens featured Pat’s advice on motherhood in an article titled, “Ace Advice From 10+ Moms of Awesome Teens.”

Pat Smith, minister, philanthropist, author, and mother of Jasmine, 20, EJ, 14, Skylar, 13, and Elijah, 5.

“All moms need to be prepared for their kids’ hormones and emotions. Kids will say mean things that will hurt your feelings. Don’t take it personal, but don’t let them get away with it either. It’s important to remember you are the parent and they are the child. Before they get too busy, don’t forget to enjoy them. Have fun! Laugh, sit around together as a family, play games, watch a movie, enjoy a meal. Let them know how much their time with you is valued. Also, remember that they are going to go through stuff. Allow them to go through the journey and don’t try to rescue them from everything. Those are the moments that God can use to really make them great. The best advice I can offer a mom of a teenager is to find your own personal passion and engage. Don’t let their passions consume your own passions. It’s important to have other significant relationships in your life that give you fulfillment: husbands, family, girlfriends, you need other important relationships. Lastly, don’t forget to treasure you. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in their lives and forget about yourself.”

________ Mother is an online parenting publication co-founded by Katie Hintz-Zambrano and James Kicinski-McCoy. The site offers mothers content on motherhood, fashion, beauty, style, recipes and travel: a "full-service" mother magazine.

Turning Your Misery Into Ministry featured Pat Smith in an upcoming article titled, “Turning Your Misery Into Ministry.” The article states “What does it mean to be offered a second chance? Often, bad choices, inexperience, or sheer chance leads us down a path of tragedy. We pick ourselves up, choose a different path, and hopefully learn from the experience. We sometimes glance at the ruins of the past, but it’s just that – a glance. We turn back around, try to forget, and keep moving forward. After all, what good are ruins?” Beliefnet is designed to help people meet their own religious and spiritual needs. It provides information, inspiration, a sense of community, and more. It also offers blogs, newsletters, and dialogue groups to help readers learn from one another.

God’s Grace Inspires Smith to Write Second Chances

Los Angeles Sentinel featured Pat Smith in a story titled, “God’s Grace Inspires Smith to Write ‘Second Chances.'" The article states “First-time author Pat Smith is feeling good these days. Her new book, ‘Second Chances,’ is taking off, her husband, football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith, and their five children are doing well and most important, her relationship with Chris grows stronger each day. Her upbeat attitude is start contrast to the depression and sense of loss she used to feel. Fortunately, she said, God’s grace covered her and His direction led her to write about rediscovering purpose and joy in life.”
Los Angeles Sentinel: A local, weekly newspaper providing community, business and political news to the African American community in Southern Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, CA. It is Southern California's oldest continually published black newspaper. The paper also contains an insert of Healthy Choices, which focuses on the elimination of certain health problems that affect racial and ethnic minorities.

Patricia Southall, Emmitt Smith’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pat was featured on in an article titled, “Patricia Southall, Emmitt Smith’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.” The article states “Most sports fans already know who Emmitt Smith is. Smith, of course, is the former Dallas Cowboys running back who is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. Smith is married to the former Patricia Southall, who has made quite a name for herself as well. Pat Smith is an author, motivational speaker, philanthropist, mother and a former beauty queen.” View the article here. Features entertainment news for men. Topics covered include movies, music, comedy, television, games and more.

Good Day Book Club: Second Chances

Pat Smith was featured on Good Day New York (Viewership: 153,200) in a segment titled, “Good Day Book Club: Second Chances.” The segment states, “Today’s book club features Pat Smith, it’s called Second Chances; Finding Healing for Your Pain, Regaining Your Strength, Celebrating Your New Life. By the way the foreword is by Bishop and Mrs. T.D. Jakes my personal heroes.”

Pat Smith featured on Good Morning America

Pat Smith was featured on Good Morning America (Viewership: 4,799,247) in a segment titled, “Pat Smith Talks New Book Second Chances. The segment states, “There is something holding me back from my past. What is the first step to letting go?” You know what? You got to forgive yourself and you have to forgive whatever it is that’s holding you back, whether it’s a decision or a person. Because you give so much power when you allow something to hold you in place and when you let that go it gives you so much power to move forward.”

WFAA 8 Reality Show Interview

Pat  & Emmitt Smith sat down with Ron Corning of WFAA 8 to talk about their new reality series.
Watch the segment below and then tune into OWN on Saturday, March 26 at 10/9 C.

In-Studio with Kidd Kraddick In the Morning

Pat & Emmitt Smith were in-studio with Kidd Kraddick in the Morning to talk about their show on OWN. The one-hour special “Mrs. & Mr. Smith” will air on Saturday March 26th at 10|9c.