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Closet Talk with Pat

My heart is overflowing with the opportunity to meet and share with you on this blog. I have prayed for years that God would open the door for me to impact other people''s lives if they have been setback with life's circumstances. 

I look forward to sharing my journey in hopes you will see how God works and know His promise for you.

My Moment with Dr. Phil

Dr. PhilI am truly blessed to have had so many opportunities to sit down and talk to some truly amazing people. Most recently, I had the pleasure of sharing my journey with Dr. Phil. Yes – Dr. Phil!
While shooting a segment with Dr. Phil, I was able to share my feelings of failure and loss that I had experienced throughout my life. From failed relationships, to the loss of my mother, to the disappointment I felt surrounding a failed career, I felt as if I had let myself and everyone around me down.
Meeting Emmitt really changed things for me as there always seemed to be this special light around him. Yet again, I began to feel a sense of failure and disappointment. While I was fortunate enough to be in a loving marriage surrounded by a wonderful family, I felt as though I was starting to lose myself. Emmitt was continuing to have success and although I was happy for him, I was ready to step out of the shadows and finally make my own dreams come true.
After turning towards faith and God, I realized that everything in life happens for a reason and that God doesn’t put anything in front of you that you cannot handle. I was able to learn that all of the challenges that I was facing was God’s way of building me into the strong woman he always planned for me to be. God’s journey for me took another turn with the launch of Second Chances. This experience has given me the ability to pursue my career and follow my dreams, while inspiring women to believe in themselves so they too can have a second chance at life.
I feel blessed that I’ve been able to share my journey with other woman, and I hope that my personal experiences can help inspire others to believe in themselves and know that their second chance is coming. Being able to share my story with so many people has been an extremely rewarding experience, but being able to inspire others to overcome their personal hardships and find their own way has made this experience even more worthwhile.