Treasure You

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"Treasure You" is a nonprofit organization founded by Pat Smith, dedicated to supporting women in financial, emotional or spiritual needs. Funds raised for the organization go directly to women to pay emergency expenses, educational needs, and weekend retreat participation.



When Pat was just 22, she lost her mother to breast cancer. Throughout her life, she has encountered numerous women who have acted as her angels, and mentored her in her mother’s absence. In honor of her mother, Pat established the Page’s Angels Award to recognize women who have persevered through similar challenging circumstances and continue to lead the way with bravery and faith. “Page” is her mother’s middle name.

2016 Award Recipient
Carol Roberts

2014 Award Recipient
Faye C. Briggs

2013 Award Recipients
Vaniessa Cousin
Antoinette Tuft

2012 Award Recipients
Marsha Hill
Amie Dockery Hayes

2011 Award Recipients
Sarah Palisi Chapin
Cheryl Jackson
Cathy Moffit
Sue Gragg


For several years, Pat Smith has hosted Treasure You retreats that are attended by women from all over the country. Pat’s retreats are intended for all women to reconnect with themselves during a luxurious weekend designed to encourage their spirit through remembering their worth and treasuring themselves. Part of the Treasure You vision is to provide scholarships and assistance for all women to be able to attend these retreats, regardless of their background. Please join us to share, grow and learn from each other’s experiences and leave with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, and power.